I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act

Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017

FAA Corruption is Rampant
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
Let's love God's earth-Piano version sung and arranged by Jeremy Palmer-link to music on staff paper
Let's love God's earth-Electronic version with English Horn arranged by Jeremy Palmer
Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
Worst Zoos for Elephants - Hall of Shame
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
The colleges with most reps on the four winning teams of the NFL playoffs of Jan. 05-06, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sun., Jan. 6, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sat., Jan. 5, 2013
Three Cheers for Northern Illinois University of the Mid-American Conference going to the Orange Bow
States providing the most elite level High School football prospects
High School football to National Football League success rate
2012-2013 NBA player demographics
Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
Only 10 players received grades of 90.0 or above in the 2012 NFL draft.
States providing the most quality Defensive Backs to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Guards to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Tight Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality running backs to the NFL.
Would you rather have the linebackers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas?
Colleges in the state of California produce the greatest quantity of NFL offensive tackles
In Peyton Manning's 1998 NFL draft class 243 college players were selected.
1936-2011-Notable second round draft choices-including 26 in the NFL Hall of Fame.
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Saints-Colts (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Panthers-Redskins (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Forty Niners-Packers (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 2 of 2)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 1 of 2)
Rita Dilanian-The latest tasteless act by the city of Farmington Hills Michigan
Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian-Christmas-Some things Should Never be compromised.
Forbes Magazine names Farmington Hills (with Troy and Warren) 10th most miserable city in America
George Sarkisian-These colleges will be represented by the Patriots/Giants in the 2012 super bowl
How many Top-100 high school football players participated in the 2012 NFL playoffs?
January 15, 2012-Who today remembers the Armenians?
George Sarkisian-12/17/11-Is the best college football played NORTH or SOUTH of Mason-Dixon line?
George Sarkisian-Dec. 11, 2011-Michigan AD is "Hypocrite of the Year" in college football
George Sarkisian-Acclaimed Film maker Hrayr Toukhanian presents 2011 Vasbouragan Society Celebration
George Sarkisian-Which team deserves to be ranked where?
George Sarkisian-Which div 1-a college football teams should be allowed to play for the championship
George Sarkisian-Week Eleven report card-2011 div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Penn State-It saddens all of us.
George Sarkisian-Elect Ginsberg and Kahn to Farmington Board of Education November 08, 2011
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft--birth year 1936 through 1949.
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft-birth years 1920s-1930s.
George Sarkisian-Part Three-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Part Two-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Rita Dilanian-2011 Farmington Hills endorsements
George Sarkisian-Top fund raiser, Rita Dilanian, digusted with Farmington Arts Commission
George Sarkisian-2011 div 1-a college football results--weeks one through six
George Sarkisian-Derek Jeter ends up wearing the goat horns in 2011
George Sarkisian-Home field advantage in weeks one-five of the 2011 season div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-The Home Field advantage in 2011 div 1-a college football.
George Sarkisian-Wall of Shame results-2011 season: Weeks one and two div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Results-week one 2011 college football div 1-a wall of shame
George Sarkisian-THANK YOU, STEVE JOBS! Adopted by Armenians
George Sarkisian-2011 season, week 1 and 2, div 1-a college football, wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Rest in Peace-Camp Dearborn
George Sarkisian-Lack of organization in the Ohio State athletic department
George Sarkisian- Shame on all 93 div 1-a football schools playing div 1-aa opponents in 2011
George Sarkisian-Let me tell you the story of former National Football League player Greg Gaines
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: Alabama and Michigan lead the 2011 Wall of Shame for div 1-a
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: University of Notre Dame Mission Statement
George Sarkisian-Compare salary increases for Michigan University administrators
George Sarkisian-Dan Gable is the most accomplished sports person in the history of the USA.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 26-27, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 24-25, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-hold NFL criminally responsible
George Sarkisian-suspend Mika Brzezinski
George Sarkisian-I did not watch the 2011 super bowl
George Sarkisian-boycott the super bowl
George Sarkisian-OSU's Gordon Gee stands for "Goofball"
George Sarkisian-2010 div 1-a college football wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:
George Sarkisian-Which side are we supposed to feel sorry for in the potential upcoming NFL lockout?
George Sarkisian-2009 NFL salaries by position
George Sarkisian-Thank God, the 2010 super bowl is over!


FAA Maryland Employees-2017

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA



1 http://www.georgesarkisian.com/id239.html
2 Maryland FAA 2017
3 FederalPay.org
4 FAA Employees
6 U.S. Office of Personnel Mgmt
10 The sum/ave of all empl salaries
12 Across all agencies and occup:
14 1,339,645 Employees
16 375 Federal Agencies
18 $69.344.22 Average Salary
20 $92.9B Total Salary
22 Name Title Salary
1001 Adam E. Young Navigation Info Persnl $134,877 Adam.Young@faa.gov,
1002 Adam J. Messner Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Adam.Messner@faa.gov,
1003 Adam R. Edmondson Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Adam.Edmondson@faa.gov,
1004 Adrian Ray Ferrer Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Adrian.Ferrer@faa.gov,
1005 Alicia Gabrielle Chaney Navigation Info Persnl $114,255 Alicia.Chaney@faa.gov,
1006 Allison M. Miller Navigation Info Persnl $135,544 Allison.Miller@faa.gov,
1007 Andrea J. Chaney Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Andrea.Chaney@faa.gov,
1008 Angel Denise Black Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Angel.Black@faa.gov,
1009 Angela J. Edmonds Info Tech Mgr $136,385 Angela.Edmonds@faa.gov,
1010 Ann G. S Schultz Mgr Prog Analy $139,142 Ann.Schultz@faa.gov,
1011 Anthony C. Selb Navigation Info Persnl $127,458 Anthony.Selb@faa.gov,
1012 Anthony R. Mupo Navigation Info Persnl $121,474 Anthony.Mupo@faa.gov,
1013 Anthony S. Rocco Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Anthony.Rocco@faa.gov,
1014 April L. Ellis Secretary Vw Emp Pr April.Ellis@faa.gov,
1015 Armand D. Silva Navigation Info Persnl $116,255 Armand.Silva@faa.gov,
1016 Barry Samuel Lewis Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Barry.Lewis@faa.gov,
1017 Becky L. McDowell Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Becky.McDowell@faa.gov,
1018 Benjamin Ramsey Aviation Safety Persnl $138,160 Benjamin.Ramsey@faa.gov,
1019 Bentley F. Hunte Aviation Safety Persnl $141,894 Bentley.Hunte@faa.gov,
1020 Beth L. Hill Mgr Prog Analy $119,963 Beth.Hill@faa.gov,
1021 Blairrie A. Moore Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Blairrie.Moore@faa.gov,
1022 Bonnie M. Everett Mgr Prog Analy $120,074 Bonnie.Everett@faa.gov,
1023 Brandon T. Ghidiu Aviation Safety Persnl $107,435 Brandon.Ghidiu@faa.gov,
1024 Brenea Theresa Watts Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Brenea.Watts@faa.gov,
1025 Brent D. Walker Navigation Info Persnl $140,113 Brent.Walker@faa.gov,
1026 Brett Vernon Johnson Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Brett.Johnson@faa.gov,
1027 Brian A. Basileo Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Brian.Basileo@faa.gov,
1028 Brian Jason Virts Navigation Info Persnl $131,192 Brian.Virts@faa.gov,
1029 Brian M. Murphy Navigation Info Persnl $135,028 Brian.Murphy@faa.gov,
1030 Brian Q. Nguyen Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Brian.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1031 Brittany B. Richardson Aviation Safety Persnl $178,767 Brittany.Richardson@faa.gov,
1032 Bryan A. Main Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Bryan.Main@faa.gov,
1033 Bryan C. Mitchell Navigation Info Persnl $131,192 Bryan.Mitchell@faa.gov,
1034 Camille J. Derosa Air Traffic Contr $153,094 Camille.Derosa@faa.gov,
1035 Candy L. Buckler Secretary Vw Emp Pr Candy.Buckler@faa.gov,
1036 Cara M. Brown Air Traffic Contr $120,277 Cara.Brown@faa.gov,
1037 Carl V. Platis Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Carl.Platis@faa.gov,
1038 Carlimar Collazo-Torres Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Carlimar.Collazo-Torres@faa.gov,
1039 Carlos J. Escalante Navigation Info Persnl $120,074 Carlos.Escalante@faa.gov,
1040 Carlton E. Jones Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Carlton.Jones@faa.gov,
1041 Carmen Mann Info Tech Mgr $122,085 Carmen.Mann@faa.gov,
1042 Carolyn J. Meushaw Navigation Info Persnl $119,989 Carolyn.Meushaw@faa.gov,
1043 Carolyn V. Bloom Navigation Info Persnl $116,914 Carolyn.Bloom@faa.gov,
1044 Carrie A. Gale Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Carrie.Gale@faa.gov,
1045 Carrie M. Nicholsen Navigation Info Persnl $104,275 Carrie.Nicholsen@faa.gov,
1046 Cassandra L. Wexler Navigation Info Persnl $149,098 Cassandra.Wexler@faa.gov,
1047 Changala S. Chisanga Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Changala.Chisanga@faa.gov,
1048 Charles E. Lee Air Traffic Contr $109,808 Charles.Lee@faa.gov,
1049 Charles Micle Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Charles.Micle@faa.gov,
1050 Charles P. Roe Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Charles.Roe@faa.gov,
1051 Charlesette Deean Parris Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Charlesette.Parris@faa.gov,
1052 Chester Joseph Piolunek Aviation Safety Persnl $142,487 Chester.Piolunek@faa.gov,
1053 Christina M. Rheault Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Christina.Rheault@faa.gov,
1054 Christine C. Kim Info Tech Mgr $121,219 Christine.Kim@faa.gov,
1055 Christopher A. Jahn Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Christopher.Jahn@faa.gov,
1056 Christopher C. Galik Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Christopher.Galik@faa.gov,
1057 Christopher E. Lefevre Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Christopher.Lefevre@faa.gov,
1058 Christopher J. Foust Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Christopher.Foust@faa.gov,
1059 Christopher M. Johengen Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Christopher.Johengen@faa.gov,
1060 Christopher Watson Mgr Prog Analy $154,388 Christopher.Watson@faa.gov,
1061 Chun-Yen Nmn Huang Navigation Info Persnl $131,392 Chun-Yen.Huang@faa.gov,
1062 Clarence D. Watson Navigation Info Persnl $107,835 Clarence.Watson@faa.gov,
1063 Clinton E. Carpenter Logistics Mgr Vw Emp Pr Clinton.Carpenter@faa.gov,
1064 Clinton J. Watson Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Clinton.Watson@faa.gov,
1065 Colleen Kubont Navigation Info Persnl $146,804 Colleen.Kubont@faa.gov,
1066 Craig McKenry Electronics Technician $120,901 Craig.McKenry@faa.gov,
1067 Curtis Earl Davis Navigation Info Persnl $152,925 Curtis.Davis@faa.gov,
1068 Curtis R. Carter Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Curtis.Carter@faa.gov,
1069 Dana D. Plagmann Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Dana.Plagmann@faa.gov,
1070 Daniel B. Bryder Navigation Info Persnl $149,843 Daniel.Bryder@faa.gov,
1071 Daniel B. Gerecht Navigation Info Persnl $166,245 Daniel.Gerecht@faa.gov,
1072 Daniel C. Johnson Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Daniel.Johnson@faa.gov,
1073 Daniel G. Rooks Navigation Info Persnl $141,894 Daniel.Rooks@faa.gov,
1074 Daniel L. Campbell Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Daniel.Campbell@faa.gov,
1075 Daniel P. Whitney Navigation Info Persnl $119,989 Daniel.Whitney@faa.gov,
1076 Daniel Sobel Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Daniel.Sobel@faa.gov,
1077 Daniel T. Brucker Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Daniel.Brucker@faa.gov,
1078 David A. Sebastiani Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr David.Sebastiani@faa.gov,
1079 David B. Garey Aviation Safety Persnl $116,914 David.Garey@faa.gov,
1080 David Chrzanowski Air Traffic Contr $157,880 David.Chrzanowski@faa.gov,
1081 David D. Cumberbatch Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr David.Cumberbatch@faa.gov,
1082 David F. Gillen Aviation Safety Persnl $158,123 David.Gillen@faa.gov,
1083 David L. Corey Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr David.Corey@faa.gov,
1084 David L. Teffeteller Navigation Info Persnl $126,265 David.Teffeteller@faa.gov,
1085 David M. Crampton Aviation Safety Persnl $154,502 David.Crampton@faa.gov,
1086 David M. Schnur Air Traffic Contr $122,566 David.Schnur@faa.gov,
1087 David M. Toohey Navigation Info Persnl $134,426 David.Toohey@faa.gov,
1088 David W. Gossard Info Tech Mgr $147,282 David.Gossard@faa.gov,
1089 Dean F. McAllister Navigation Info Persnl $120,524 Dean.McAllister@faa.gov,
1090 Deborah L. Copeland Navigation Info Persnl $167,098 Deborah.Copeland@faa.gov,
1091 Deborah L. Cowell Navigation Info Persnl $181,966 Deborah.Cowell@faa.gov,
1092 Debra A. Milburn Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Debra.Milburn@faa.gov,
1093 Debra L. Phillips Mgr Prog Analy $120,574 Debra.Phillips@faa.gov,
1094 Debra R. French Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Debra.French@faa.gov,
1095 Demarco P. Farmer Misc Clerk Asst Vw Emp Pr Demarco.Farmer@faa.gov,
1096 Dena E. Edelblute Navigation Info Persnl $110,595 Dena.Edelblute@faa.gov,
1097 Denise Cusimano Mgr Prog Analy $130,333 Denise.Cusimano@faa.gov,
1098 Diane S. Lair Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Diane.Lair@faa.gov,
1099 Diego Velasco Prog Mgr $124,635 Diego.Velasco@faa.gov,
1100 Dineen Scheuerman n/a Vw Emp Pr Dineen.Scheuerman@faa.gov,
1101 Diona P. Kakinohana Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Diona.Kakinohana@faa.gov,
1102 Donna Lu Yan Info Tech Mgr $122,917 Donna.Yan@faa.gov,
1103 Douglas A. Cook Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Douglas.Cook@faa.gov,
1104 Douglas E. Miltimore Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Douglas.Miltimore@faa.gov,
1105 Duane Thomas Imlay Transportation Spec $104,748 Duane.Imlay@faa.gov,
1106 Edward Michael Noyes Navigation Info Persnl $115,755 Edward.Noyes@faa.gov,
1107 Edwin F. Cornell Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Edwin.Cornell@faa.gov,
1108 Efrain Reynaga Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Efrain.Reynaga@faa.gov,
1109 Elbert M. Bush Aviation Safety Persnl $152,215 Elbert.Bush@faa.gov,
1110 Elizabeth M. Hitch Navigation Info Persnl $119,989 Elizabeth.Hitch@faa.gov,
1111 Ellery S. Shakir Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Ellery.Shakir@faa.gov,
1112 Elliott P. Friend Info Tech Mgr $125,082 Elliott.Friend@faa.gov,
1113 Emmanuel N. Mbeboh Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Emmanuel.Mbeboh@faa.gov,
1114 Eric E. Powell Navigation Info Persnl $127,458 Eric.Powell@faa.gov,
1115 Eric R. Spare Engineer Technician $115,032 Eric.Spare@faa.gov,
1116 Eric S. Clawson Air Traffic Contr $170,539 Eric.Clawson@faa.gov,
1117 Eric W. Freed Navigation Info Persnl $148,966 Eric.Freed@faa.gov,
1118 Erik H. Bowles Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Erik.Bowles@faa.gov,
1119 Ezi M. Molley Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Ezi.Molley@faa.gov,
1120 Felicia M. Casale Air Traffic Contr $121,070 Felicia.Casale@faa.gov,
1121 Francis B. Flanagan Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Francis.Flanagan@faa.gov,
1122 Francis Hudson Moore Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Francis.Moore@faa.gov,
1123 Frederick H. Milburn Navigation Info Persnl $162,964 Frederick.Milburn@faa.gov,
1124 Garcia Carlos Alberto Fonseca Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Carlos.Garcia@faa.gov,
1125 Gary Hewitt Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Gary.Hewitt@faa.gov,
1126 Gary L. Workinger Navigation Info Persnl $134,426 Gary.Workinger@faa.gov,
1127 Gary W. Isabelle Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Gary.Isabelle@faa.gov,
1128 George A. Garcia Transportation Spec $152,609 George.Garcia@faa.gov,
1129 George Cooper Towers Aviation Safety Persnl $138,160 George.Towers@faa.gov,
1130 Gerald K. Thomas Navigation Info Persnl $145,629 Gerald.Thomas@faa.gov,
1131 Glenn R. Warman Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Glenn.Warman@faa.gov,
1132 Gregory A. Travis Aviation Safety Persnl $117,809 Gregory.Travis@faa.gov,
1133 Gregory C. Yamamoto Navigation Info Persnl $180,089 Gregory.Yamamoto@faa.gov,
1134 Gregory Patrice Leonard Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Gregory.Leonard@faa.gov,
1135 Gregory W. Stryker Navigation Info Persnl $108,135 Gregory.Stryker@faa.gov,
1136 Guy R. Copeland Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Guy.Copeland@faa.gov,
1137 Guy Robert Copeland Navigation Info Persnl $165,548 Guy.Copeland@faa.gov,
1138 Harry Pavulaan Navigation Info Persnl $134,926 Harry.Pavulaan@faa.gov,
1139 Heidemarie K. Gauss Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Heidemarie.Gauss@faa.gov,
1140 Helena K. Koytcheff Navigation Info Persnl $135,426 Helena.Koytcheff@faa.gov,
1141 Hernan G. Hidalgo Navigation Info Persnl $110,595 Hernan.Hidalgo@faa.gov,
1142 Hollis Holland Transportation Spec $100,841 Hollis.Holland@faa.gov,
1143 Howard L. Hawkins Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Howard.Hawkins@faa.gov,
1144 Hoyte Carelock Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Hoyte.Carelock@faa.gov,
1145 Jackey Lam Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Jackey.Lam@faa.gov,
1146 Jackie M. Radford Aviation Safety Persnl $101,116 Jackie.Radford@faa.gov,
1147 James D. Noble Transportation Spec $141,945 James.Noble@faa.gov,
1148 James F. Walsh Navigation Info Persnl $127,458 James.Walsh@faa.gov,
1149 James K. Lafferty Navigation Info Persnl $104,275 James.Lafferty@faa.gov,
1150 James Lemar Grant Navigation Info Persnl $134,426 James.Grant@faa.gov,
1151 James McGhee Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr James.McGhee@faa.gov,
1152 James Ruskowsky Transportation Spec $120,136 James.Ruskowsky@faa.gov,
1153 James S. Wright Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr James.Wright@faa.gov,
1154 James T. Seabright Navigation Info Persnl $161,902 James.Seabright@faa.gov,
1155 James W. Hendrick Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr James.Hendrick@faa.gov,
1156 James W. Logie Aviation Safety Persnl $110,595 James.Logie@faa.gov,
1157 James W. Poe Mgr Prog Analy $138,734 James.Poe@faa.gov,
1158 Jarrell W. Pratt Aviation Safety Persnl $126,958 Jarrell.Pratt@faa.gov,
1159 Jason E. Getz Navigation Info Persnl $101,116 Jason.Getz@faa.gov,
1160 Jason T. Gibson Navigation Info Persnl $101,816 Jason.Gibson@faa.gov,
1161 Javier E. Hernandez-Acevedo Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Javier.Hernandez-Acevedo@faa.gov,
1162 Jeffery E. Maddox Navigation Info Persnl $138,860 Jeffery.Maddox@faa.gov,
1163 Jeffery L. Edwards Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Jeffery.Edwards@faa.gov,
1164 Jeffrey D. Powell Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Jeffrey.Powell@faa.gov,
1165 Jeffrey R. Lamphier Navigation Info Persnl $134,010 Jeffrey.Lamphier@faa.gov,
1166 Jennifer L. Hendi Navigation Info Persnl $131,192 Jennifer.Hendi@faa.gov,
1167 Jennifer L. Neubauer Navigation Info Persnl $104,275 Jennifer.Neubauer@faa.gov,
1168 Jennifer S. Murphy Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Jennifer.Murphy@faa.gov,
1169 Jeremy A. Arnold Engineer Technician Vw Emp Pr Jeremy.Arnold@faa.gov,
1170 Jerome Williamson Navigation Info Persnl $120,574 Jerome.Williamson@faa.gov,
1171 Jessica S. Gerbig Navigation Info Persnl $117,155 Jessica.Gerbig@faa.gov,
1172 Johanna K. McWhorter Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Johanna.McWhorter@faa.gov,
1173 John A. Demaria Navigation Info Persnl $138,660 John.Demaria@faa.gov,
1174 John Alan Cumberpatch Aviation Safety Persnl $134,426 John.Cumberpatch@faa.gov,
1175 John B. Hanson Navigation Info Persnl $145,629 John.Hanson@faa.gov,
1176 John Dunkerly Air Traffic Contr $147,481 John.Dunkerly@faa.gov,
1177 John J. Johnson Navigation Info Persnl $120,664 John.Johnson@faa.gov,
1178 John L. Graybill Navigation Info Persnl $152,969 John.Graybill@faa.gov,
1179 John M. Bradley Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr John.Bradley@faa.gov,
1180 John P. Barry Aviation Safety Persnl $170,870 John.Barry@faa.gov,
1181 John Robert Ericson Navigation Info Persnl $104,275 John.Ericson@faa.gov,
1182 Johnathon P. Hoyer Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Johnathon.Hoyer@faa.gov,
1183 Jonathan D. Bowen Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Jonathan.Bowen@faa.gov,
1184 Jonathan L. Gdowik Navigation Info Persnl $125,760 Jonathan.Gdowik@faa.gov,
1185 Jonathan N. Peck Air Traffic Contr $147,481 Jonathan.Peck@faa.gov,
1186 Jonathan P. Myers Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Jonathan.Myers@faa.gov,
1187 Jose A. Alfonso Navigation Info Persnl $154,353 Jose.Alfonso@faa.gov,
1188 Jose Manuel Cortes Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Jose.Cortes@faa.gov,
1189 Joseph A. Jackson Navigation Info Persnl $138,160 Joseph.Jackson@faa.gov,
1190 Joseph A. Lambert Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Joseph.Lambert@faa.gov,
1191 Joseph B. Solomon Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Joseph.Solomon@faa.gov,
1192 Joseph H. Gramann Info Tech Mgr $124,794 Joseph.Gramann@faa.gov,
1193 Joseph M. Dunsmoor Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Joseph.Dunsmoor@faa.gov,
1194 Joseph Mondo Misc Admin Prog $100,728 Joseph.Mondo@faa.gov,
1195 Joseph S. Turner Info Tech Mgr $125,082 Joseph.Turner@faa.gov,
1196 Joseph W. Griffin Air Traffic Contr $111,369 Joseph.Griffin@faa.gov,
1197 Joseph W. Jauquet Navigation Info Persnl $128,158 Joseph.Jauquet@faa.gov,
1198 June Maura Young Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr June.Young@faa.gov,
1199 Justin M. Pannoni Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Justin.Pannoni@faa.gov,
1200 Karen Ann Lyczak Navigation Info Persnl $135,101 Karen.Lyczak@faa.gov,
1201 Karen K. Gonzalez Tech Sys Prog Mgr $177,141 Karen.Gonzalez@faa.gov,
1202 Karen S. Lee Navigation Info Persnl $104,275 Karen.Lee@faa.gov,
1203 Karl J. Tubbs Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Karl.Tubbs@faa.gov,
1204 Katherine H. Green Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Katherine.Green@faa.gov,
1205 Kathryn E. Yano Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Kathryn.Yano@faa.gov,
1206 Kathy Lee Edmiston Navigation Info Persnl $131,192 Kathy.Edmiston@faa.gov,
1207 Katie E. Murphy Navigation Info Persnl $126,580 Katie.Murphy@faa.gov,
1208 Kenneth D. Mills Quality Assurance $126,124 Kenneth.Mills@faa.gov,
1209 Kenneth Francis Maggi Navigation Info Persnl $107,935 Kenneth.Maggi@faa.gov,
1210 Kenneth L. Crowder Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Kenneth.Crowder@faa.gov,
1211 Kenneth L. Wilkes Navigation Info Persnl $127,658 Kenneth.Wilkes@faa.gov,
1212 Kevin B. Weedn Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Kevin.Weedn@faa.gov,
1213 Kevin J. Leigh Air Traffic Contr $114,959 Kevin.Leigh@faa.gov,
1214 Kevin M. Diggs Navigation Info Persnl $141,894 Kevin.Diggs@faa.gov,
1215 Kevin M. Flowers Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Kevin.Flowers@faa.gov,
1216 Kevin Patrick McClure Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Kevin.McClure@faa.gov,
1217 Kim R. Jones Navigation Info Persnl $145,629 Kim.Jones@faa.gov,
1218 Kirk W. Harris Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Kirk.Harris@faa.gov,
1219 Kirtiben H. Patel Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Kirtiben.Patel@faa.gov,
1220 Kortland D. Hilliard Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Kortland.Hilliard@faa.gov,
1221 Kristen M. Chapman Navigation Info Persnl $120,968 Kristen.Chapman@faa.gov,
1222 Kristen R. Blalack Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Kristen.Blalack@faa.gov,
1223 Kristin J. Schiffert Navigation Info Persnl $116,914 Kristin.Schiffert@faa.gov,
1224 Kristopher Kyle Bosmans Navigation Info Persnl $123,923 Kristopher.Bosmans@faa.gov,
1225 Kristy A. Johnson Navigation Info Persnl $115,755 Kristy.Johnson@faa.gov,
1226 Krystle Ann Kime Navigation Info Persnl $128,274 Krystle.Kime@faa.gov,
1227 Kweku A. Donkor Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Kweku.Donkor@faa.gov,
1228 Kyle R. Hitch Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Kyle.Hitch@faa.gov,
1229 Lakisha A. Price Air Traffic Contr $190,724 Lakisha.Price@faa.gov,
1230 Langston R. Majette Navigation Info Persnl $139,085 Langston.Majette@faa.gov,
1231 Larry B. Martin Mgr Prog Analy $150,947 Larry.Martin@faa.gov,
1232 Larry Handsome Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Larry.Handsome@faa.gov,
1233 Latesia L. Johnson Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Latesia.Johnson@faa.gov,
1234 Laura G. Marshall Navigation Info Persnl $110,595 Laura.Marshall@faa.gov,
1235 Lauren Elizabeth Priem Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Lauren.Priem@faa.gov,
1236 Laurie A. Booker Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Laurie.Booker@faa.gov,
1237 Leonard B. Morse Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Leonard.Morse@faa.gov,
1238 Leroy A. Goyer Transportation Spec $120,262 Leroy.Goyer@faa.gov,
1239 Lexington T. Bittle Air Traffic Contr $113,150 Lexington.Bittle@faa.gov,
1240 Lisa Langley Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Lisa.Langley@faa.gov,
1241 Lloyd W. Rombold Navigation Info Persnl $107,935 Lloyd.Rombold@faa.gov,
1242 Loretta F. Delelle Navigation Info Persnl $135,676 Loretta.Delelle@faa.gov,
1243 Luis J. Castro Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Luis.Castro@faa.gov,
1244 Lyle A. Magnuson Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Lyle.Magnuson@faa.gov,
1245 Mable E. Aden Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Mable.Aden@faa.gov,
1246 Mamie J. Ambrose Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Mamie.Ambrose@faa.gov,
1247 Marcel Bernard Aviation Safety Persnl $106,370 Marcel.Bernard@faa.gov,
1248 Marcus A. Jeffers Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Marcus.Jeffers@faa.gov,
1249 Marcus E. Brice Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Marcus.Brice@faa.gov,
1250 Marika N. Crawford Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Marika.Crawford@faa.gov,
1251 Mark Barrett Quality Assurance $127,995 Mark.Barrett@faa.gov,
1252 Mark D. Lambert Navigation Info Persnl $136,426 Mark.Lambert@faa.gov,
1253 Mark E. Wilson Navigation Info Persnl $123,816 Mark.Wilson@faa.gov,
1254 Mark L. Guetzka Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Mark.Guetzka@faa.gov,
1255 Mark P. Deegan Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Mark.Deegan@faa.gov,
1256 Mark R. Pleasants Aviation Safety Persnl $130,692 Mark.Pleasants@faa.gov,
1257 Marla M. Claggett Mgr Prog Analy $110,386 Marla.Claggett@faa.gov,
1258 Martin A. Greenwood Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Martin.Greenwood@faa.gov,
1259 Martin Lea Powell Info Tech Mgr $152,247 Martin.Powell@faa.gov,
1260 Marvin T. Wilson Telecomm $121,989 Marvin.Wilson@faa.gov,
1261 Mary F. Steiner Navigation Info Persnl $120,074 Mary.Steiner@faa.gov,
1262 Mary McCarthy Heyman Navigation Info Persnl $131,367 Mary.Heyman@faa.gov,
1263 Matthew B. Gallant Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Matthew.Gallant@faa.gov,
1264 Matthew D. Fritz Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Matthew.Fritz@faa.gov,
1265 Matthew G. Sharp Air Traffic Contr $123,891 Matthew.Sharp@faa.gov,
1266 Matthew J. Nareski Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Matthew.Nareski@faa.gov,
1267 Matthew W. Jones Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Matthew.Jones@faa.gov,
1268 Meghan M. Kieffer Navigation Info Persnl $123,898 Meghan.Kieffer@faa.gov,
1269 Melvin J. Dunaway Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Melvin.Dunaway@faa.gov,
1270 Michael A. Luebben Navigation Info Persnl $123,234 Michael.Luebben@faa.gov,
1271 Michael C. Barrett Navigation Info Persnl $116,655 Michael.Barrett@faa.gov,
1272 Michael C. Grove Info Tech Mgr $119,295 Michael.Grove@faa.gov,
1273 Michael C. McCorkell Air Traffic Contr $156,471 Michael.McCorkell@faa.gov,
1274 Michael D. Wallin Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Michael.Wallin@faa.gov,
1275 Michael G. Keaton Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Michael.Keaton@faa.gov,
1276 Michael G. Oudemans Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Michael.Oudemans@faa.gov,
1277 Michael J. Ricker Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Michael.Ricker@faa.gov,
1278 Michael S. Fine Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Michael.Fine@faa.gov,
1279 Michael S. Walker Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Michael.Walker@faa.gov,
1280 Michael T. Bevan Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Michael.Bevan@faa.gov,
1281 Michele Marie Dinunzio Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Michele.Dinunzio@faa.gov,
1282 Michelle Ann Dowling Transportation Spec $114,458 Michelle.Dowling@faa.gov,
1283 Michelle R. Morton Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Michelle.Morton@faa.gov,
1284 Miles M. McEndree Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Miles.McEndree@faa.gov,
1285 Minoo Hejazi Info Tech Mgr $146,889 Minoo.Hejazi@faa.gov,
1286 Monica R. Bowdry Misc Clerk Asst Vw Emp Pr Monica.Bowdry@faa.gov,
1287 Muwata D. Tabor Air Traffic Contr $119,577 Muwata.Tabor@faa.gov,
1288 Mylan C. Watkins Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Mylan.Watkins@faa.gov,
1289 Nashieka S. Starks Air Traffic Contr $116,799 Nashieka.Starks@faa.gov,
1290 Nathan J. Carafelli Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Nathan.Carafelli@faa.gov,
1291 Nathan J. Rahn Navigation Info Persnl $134,943 Nathan.Rahn@faa.gov,
1292 Nathan J. Strong Navigation Info Persnl $131,492 Nathan.Strong@faa.gov,
1293 Nathaniel C. Hersh Navigation Info Persnl $131,142 Nathaniel.Hersh@faa.gov,
1294 Nolan E. Jones Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Nolan.Jones@faa.gov,
1295 Norman L. Bland Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Norman.Bland@faa.gov,
1296 Odlavson F. Silva Navigation Info Persnl $116,598 Odlavson.Silva@faa.gov,
1297 Olaf G. Vinje Electronics Technician $103,483 Olaf.Vinje@faa.gov,
1298 Ousmane Kouyate Info Tech Mgr $119,038 Ousmane.Kouyate@faa.gov,
1299 Patrick A. Harris Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Patrick.Harris@faa.gov,
1300 Patrick C. Pioli Navigation Info Persnl $145,604 Patrick.Pioli@faa.gov,
1301 Patrick James Covington Admin Officer Vw Emp Pr Patrick.Covington@faa.gov,
1302 Patrick V. Laybe Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Patrick.Laybe@faa.gov,
1303 Paul A. Breedlove Navigation Info Persnl $131,692 Paul.Breedlove@faa.gov,
1304 Paul D. Solem Transportation Spec $130,288 Paul.Solem@faa.gov,
1305 Paul V. Yurechko Aerospace Eng $153,826 Paul.Yurechko@faa.gov,
1306 Paul W. Hall Transportation Spec $106,826 Paul.Hall@faa.gov,
1307 Paula A. Lewis-Rush Mgr Prog Analy $101,590 Paula.Lewis-Rush@faa.gov,
1308 Paulette K. Scoggins Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Paulette.Scoggins@faa.gov,
1309 Philip A. Reese Navigation Info Persnl $104,775 Philip.Reese@faa.gov,
1310 Rafael A. Martinez Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Rafael.Martinez@faa.gov,
1311 Rafael I. Rufino Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Rafael.Rufino@faa.gov,
1312 Randall A. Cole Air Traffic Contr Vw Emp Pr Randall.Cole@faa.gov,
1313 Randy W. Scheib Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Randy.Scheib@faa.gov,
1314 Rasheed H. Ali Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Rasheed.Ali@faa.gov,
1315 Rebecca Jauquet Shumaker Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Rebecca.Shumaker@faa.gov,
1316 Renee J. Gans Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Renee.Gans@faa.gov,
1317 Richard A. Boyd Air Traffic Contr $169,839 Richard.Boyd@faa.gov,
1318 Richard D. Gerbracht Navigation Info Persnl $110,595 Richard.Gerbracht@faa.gov,
1319 Richard D. Newton Aviation Safety Persnl $138,160 Richard.Newton@faa.gov,
1320 Richard F. Fecht Navigation Info Persnl $149,947 Richard.Fecht@faa.gov,
1321 Richard I. Jones Aviation Safety Persnl $123,223 Richard.Jones@faa.gov,
1322 Richard P. Mayhew Navigation Info Persnl $146,804 Richard.Mayhew@faa.gov,
1323 Richard Scott Jerdan Navigation Info Persnl $171,753 Richard.Jerdan@faa.gov,
1324 Robert A. Reiter Air Traffic Contr $147,481 Robert.Reiter@faa.gov,
1325 Robert C. Rizzutti Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Robert.Rizzutti@faa.gov,
1326 Robert D. Carlson Navigation Info Persnl $135,612 Robert.Carlson@faa.gov,
1327 Robert E. Pigott Navigation Info Persnl $134,426 Robert.Pigott@faa.gov,
1328 Robert Fernandez Info Tech Mgr $169,687 Robert.Fernandez@faa.gov,
1329 Robert L. Gifford Navigation Info Persnl $134,426 Robert.Gifford@faa.gov,
1330 Robert L. Grant Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Robert.Grant@faa.gov,
1331 Robert Linell Gant Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Robert.Gant@faa.gov,
1332 Robert S. Jeter Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Robert.Jeter@faa.gov,
1333 Robert T. Barton Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Robert.Barton@faa.gov,
1334 Roger C. Hart Transportation Spec $104,052 Roger.Hart@faa.gov,
1335 Roger S. McNorton Navigation Info Persnl $113,755 Roger.McNorton@faa.gov,
1336 Romano J. Geronimo Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Romano.Geronimo@faa.gov,
1337 Ronald Carberry Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 Ronald.Carberry@faa.gov,
1338 Ronald J. Vigna Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Ronald.Vigna@faa.gov,
1339 Ronald Stephen Haag Navigation Info Persnl $134,313 Ronald.Haag@faa.gov,
1340 Russell T. West Air Traffic Contr $116,614 Russell.West@faa.gov,
1341 Samer A. Massarueh Navigation Info Persnl $119,989 Samer.Massarueh@faa.gov,
1342 Sarah A. Howell Air Traffic Contr $113,053 Sarah.Howell@faa.gov,
1343 Satyanarayana R. Gunduboina Navigation Info Persnl $120,289 Satyanarayana.Gunduboina@faa.gov,
1344 Saundra A. Johnson Mgr Prog Analy $104,275 Saundra.Johnson@faa.gov,
1345 Saxfield T. Chatmon Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Saxfield.Chatmon@faa.gov,
1346 Scott A. Powers Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Scott.Powers@faa.gov,
1347 Scott R. Proudfoot Air Traffic Contr $178,265 Scott.Proudfoot@faa.gov,
1348 Scott T. Farris Navigation Info Persnl $120,074 Scott.Farris@faa.gov,
1349 Shannon C. Pankow Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Shannon.Pankow@faa.gov,
1350 Shanta E. White Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Shanta.White@faa.gov,
1351 Sharon Evonne Wright Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Sharon.Wright@faa.gov,
1352 Sharon R. Harper Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Sharon.Harper@faa.gov,
1353 Shaun C. Lewis Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Shaun.Lewis@faa.gov,
1354 Shawn M. Molinelli Navigation Info Persnl $131,892 Shawn.Molinelli@faa.gov,
1355 Sheldon Bernard Flynn Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Sheldon.Flynn@faa.gov,
1356 Shelly M. Broderick n/a Vw Emp Pr Shelly.Broderick@faa.gov,
1357 Sherrell La Taylor Transportation Spec $104,860 Sherrell.Taylor@faa.gov,
1358 Sim Peng Tan Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Sim.Tan@faa.gov,
1359 Stacy L. Wells Prog Mgr $179,719 Stacy.Wells@faa.gov,
1360 Stephen Batchelder Air Traffic Contr $194,291 Stephen.Batchelder@faa.gov,
1361 Steve Brisbon Navigation Info Persnl $140,696 Steve.Brisbon@faa.gov,
1362 Steven A. Gack Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Steven.Gack@faa.gov,
1363 Steven E. Ware Air Traffic Contr $133,867 Steven.Ware@faa.gov,
1364 Steven H. Norris Transportation Spec $136,783 Steven.Norris@faa.gov,
1365 Steven K. Broman Navigation Info Persnl $142,344 Steven.Broman@faa.gov,
1366 Steven P. Orourke Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Steven.Orourke@faa.gov,
1367 Steven Wayne McDanal Navigation Info Persnl $123,723 Steven.McDanal@faa.gov,
1368 Stuart B. Rosenthal Navigation Info Persnl $120,074 Stuart.Rosenthal@faa.gov,
1369 Sunil K. Ramkissoon Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Sunil.Ramkissoon@faa.gov,
1370 Syed Shahed Zaidi Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Syed.Zaidi@faa.gov,
1371 Tamara N. Mason Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Tamara.Mason@faa.gov,
1372 Tarun Sudama Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Tarun.Sudama@faa.gov,
1373 Ted Park Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Ted.Park@faa.gov,
1374 Terence L. Sosnowich Navigation Info Persnl $140,936 Terence.Sosnowich@faa.gov,
1375 Terry L. Rhea Prog Mgr $149,460 Terry.Rhea@faa.gov,
1376 Theodora O. Kessaris Aviation Safety Persnl $140,818 Theodora.Kessaris@faa.gov,
1377 Thomas F. McGovern Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Thomas.McGovern@faa.gov,
1378 Thomas G. Harris Navigation Info Persnl $141,894 Thomas.Harris@faa.gov,
1379 Thomas Lee Dade Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Thomas.Dade@faa.gov,
1380 Thomas M. Carrigan Mgr Prog Analy $131,192 Thomas.Carrigan@faa.gov,
1381 Thomas V. Tolbert Aviation Safety Persnl $123,534 Thomas.Tolbert@faa.gov,
1382 Thomas W. Glennon Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 Thomas.Glennon@faa.gov,
1383 Tiffany M. Narowski Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 Tiffany.Narowski@faa.gov,
1384 Timothy Alan Thornburg Navigation Info Persnl $141,894 Timothy.Thornburg@faa.gov,
1385 Timothy Mark Macbryde Aviation Safety Persnl Vw Emp Pr Timothy.Macbryde@faa.gov,
1386 Timothy S. Plapp Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Timothy.Plapp@faa.gov,
1387 Todd A. Anderson Air Traffic Contr $169,839 Todd.Anderson@faa.gov,
1388 Todd Monroe Combs Navigation Info Persnl $135,126 Todd.Combs@faa.gov,
1389 Toni Crockett Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Toni.Crockett@faa.gov,
1390 Toni Mack Misc Admin Prog Vw Emp Pr Toni.Mack@faa.gov,
1391 Tonya L. Sizemore Mgr Prog Analy Vw Emp Pr Tonya.Sizemore@faa.gov,
1392 Travis C. Fields Air Traffic Contr $141,368 Travis.Fields@faa.gov,
1393 Trenton E. Holmes Quality Assurance $100,393 Trenton.Holmes@faa.gov,
1394 Troy S. Marty Air Traffic Contr $145,049 Troy.Marty@faa.gov,
1395 Tyler R. Forsyth Navigation Info Persnl $120,189 Tyler.Forsyth@faa.gov,
1396 Tyric Randolph Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Tyric.Randolph@faa.gov,
1397 Valentino F. Otey Transportation Spec $123,033 Valentino.Otey@faa.gov,
1398 Valerie S. Watson Navigation Info Persnl $146,379 Valerie.Watson@faa.gov,
1399 Veronique O. Martin Navigation Info Persnl Vw Emp Pr Veronique.Martin@faa.gov,
1400 Vikki A. Torrence Mgr Prog Analy $104,021 Vikki.Torrence@faa.gov,
1401 Vincent B. Washington Transportation Spec $111,564 Vincent.Washington@faa.gov,
1402 Viola S. Jones-Ukiwe Quality Assurance $125,082 Viola.Jones-Ukiwe@faa.gov,
1403 Wade W. Leong Info Tech Mgr Vw Emp Pr Wade.Leong@faa.gov,
1404 Walter J. Richardson Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 Walter.Richardson@faa.gov,
1405 Wayne D. Palmer Navigation Info Persnl $134,926 Wayne.Palmer@faa.gov,
1406 William A. Hudgins Air Traffic Contr $117,766 William.Hudgins@faa.gov,
1407 William Alton Cox Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr William.Cox@faa.gov,
1408 William B. Harper Navigation Info Persnl $126,958 William.Harper@faa.gov,
1409 William E. Eggleston Navigation Info Persnl $120,164 William.Eggleston@faa.gov,
1410 William Edward Carmel Navigation Info Persnl $123,223 William.Carmel@faa.gov,
1411 William H. Tewelow Navigation Info Persnl $119,202 William.Tewelow@faa.gov,
1412 William Paul Newdeck Navigation Info Persnl $130,692 William.Newdeck@faa.gov,
1413 William R. Cobb Navigation Info Persnl $119,489 William.Cobb@faa.gov,
1414 William R. Hoop Transportation Spec $111,345 William.Hoop@faa.gov,
1415 Woodley Chu Navigation Info Persnl $114,455 Woodley.Chu@faa.gov,
1416 Xavier M. Gray Phys Sci Student Trn Vw Emp Pr Xavier.Gray@faa.gov,
1417 Yuawared Moy Nguyen Navigation Info Persnl $107,435 Yuawared.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1418 Zachary R. Roll Transportation Spec Vw Emp Pr Zachary.Roll@faa.gov,
1419 Zena C. Claiborne Mgr Prog Analy $111,095 Zena.Claiborne@faa.gov,

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