I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act

Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi

FAA Corruption is Rampant
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
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Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
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What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
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Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
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Incompetence, Arrogance, Condescending Attitudes and Unprofessional Conduct are part of the Standard Operating Procedures for Senators Peters, Stabenow, Representative Trott, and their staffs.

Michigan Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney Evans) are as Corrupt as Kwame Kilpatrick

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA



The duties of a United States Senator.

Constituents and citizens come second.


Meetings occupy a significant portion of a senator's day. Senators meet with their staffers to review and plan daily activities, and discuss legislation and constituent issues.

Attending committee meetings is a time-consuming, but very important, part of a senator's day.

Each senator is assigned to serve on one or more of the Senate's 20 committees and 68 subcommittees.

Committees and subcommittees review bills and resolutions, gather more information, hold hearings, and change and refine wording before sending bills to the Senate floor for a vote. Senators also meet with lobbyists, concerned citizens, and fellow lawmakers to discuss concerns and legislation.

Senator Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow are the two individuals the people of the state Michigan elected to represent them in the United States Senator.

David Trott is the member of the House of Representatives for my district.

Please note that constituents and concerned citizens are listed as secondary priorities

The treatment I received to gain an individual appointment with any of the three is shameful.

Despite writing to David Trott's office and trying to schedule an appointment many times on his website, his office staff has been completely non-existent.

I have zero respect for the office staff of David Trott.

A woman with a very husky voice heads Debbie Stabenow's scheduling staff. She sounds like the perfect person to play the female version of Rambo. She is also arrogant, rude and condescending.

I was finally able to talk with a live person at Gary Peters' Detroit office. His name is Michael Tash.

His title is Constituent Services Representative. Please let me know what the hell that means and what education and abilities does one need to qualify for such a position.

In actuality, Michael Tash has no educational or problem solving-skills. He is a glorified paper-pusher.

I have more confidence in the abilities of any second grader in any school across America than I have in Michael Tash. My guess is his goal in life is to bounce from government helper to government helper in any position he can find and live off taxpayer money without having any responsibilities or consequences for his actions.

Michael Tash

Constituent Services Representative

Senator Gary Peters


477 Michigan Avenue, Suite 1837

Detroit, Michigan 48226

Office: (313) 226-6020

Fax: (313) 226-6948

The person who controls the access of every citizen in Michigan to Gary Peters is named Courtney Evans.

Courtney Evans

Deputy State Scheduler

Office of Senator Gary Peters

477 Michigan Ave. Ste 1837

Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 226-6020


In my opinion, the chances of having meaningful communication with Courtney Evans, is about the same as talking to a bag of rocks. One just does not get the impression Courtney Evans has much on the ball. The previous jobs listed on her resume, take even less skill than those on the resume of Michael Tash.

These are the two people who handle the $100,000 checks the lobbyists give to Senator Peters in order to obtain a meeting with him.

If you wonder why American citizens have so little faith in our elected officials, you have to look no further than the abilities of Michael Tash and Courtney Evans.

My struggle to gain a little bit of cooperation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been a three-year affair.

Two individuals who shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye, telling me I would be pleased with the results of the new Metroplex project, are named Ronald Wood and James Arrighi. ronald.wood@faa.gov, james.arrighi@faa.gov.

Neither one has my respect or admiration. I do not consider either one of them as people of character, integrity or morals. I would not turn my back on either of them based on their treatment toward me.

They both "earn" an outrageous salary over $180,000.

Two other incompetent individuals at the FAA are named Leslee Danley and Rebecca and McPherson.

Leslee.danley@faa.gov, Rebecca.mcpherson@faa,gov.

In my opinion, you can throw both of them in the bag with Courtney Evans and you would still have the same bag of rocks.

We wonder why the country is over $21 trillion in debt, yet the government keeps hiring people like the staff of David Trott and Debbie Stabenow.

We interact with people like Michael Tash, Courtney Evans, Leslee Danley, and Rebecca McPherson and realize incompetence is everywhere.

Finally, when you try to have an educated, well-thought out, fact based conversation with Ronald Wood and/or James Arrighi, you realize incompetence, arrogance, and unprofessional conduct is not limited to just the office staffs of Trott, Stabenow and Peters.

God help us all.

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