George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:

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Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:

May 02, 2010


The Office of the Commissioner of NFL Football

Roger Goodell

National Football League

280 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017


Tel: 212-450-2000

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball

Major League Baseball

Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner

245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor

New York, NY 10167

Tel: 212-931-7800

The Office of the Commissioner of NBA Basketball

David Stern

The National Basketball Association

645 Fifth Ave

19th floor

New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212-826-7000

The Office of the Commissioner of NHL Hockey

Gary Bettman

National Hockey League

1251 avenue of the Americas

47th floor

New York, NY 10020-1198

Tel: 212-789-2000

Dear Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:

Shame on all of you.

Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:

Had I the power, I would love to put each of you in the boxing ring for ten rounds fighting against Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano.  Perhaps then you would have some sense knocked into you instead of being the hypocritical shams that all of you are.  (By the way, not one of you lists your league office telephone number on your websight.  I had to go elsewhere for that information.)

Let us define your job description.

If your job is to make the most money for each of the owners you work for and damn your customers, then I think most of you are successful even though we will never know because you refuse to open you financial books.  Each of you works for owners who own entities worth hundreds of millions of dollars (some over a billion).  That is a given.

If your job is to govern over a sport that appeals to a wide variety of people, then you are total failures.

I am a 57-year old white male with a wide variety of interests, including sports, but I cannot stand watching any of your games today.

I am not a dummy.

In my youth, I could rattle off the names of every player on every team in every league in every sport.  The first thing I read in the newspaper was the batting and pitching leaders, the touchdown leaders, and the scoring leaders.  I attribute that daily habit as having a great influence on my ability to do complex mental mathematics.

I can play half a dozen musical instruments including woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, and keyboard.

I can get by in a few foreign languages.

I consider myself at the expert level in various computer programs.

I have advanced college degrees at prestigious institutions.

In spite of these accomplishments, I have always been a sports junkie, but I cannot take your garbage product anymore.

Roger Goodell, you are treating Ben Roethlisberger as some sort of criminal.  I am not defending Ben’s actions but I guarantee you some of the people you work for have done criminal actions to get their hundreds of millions of dollars.

Generally speaking, your athletes are tattooed monsters who compare football to war.  You allow them to display disgusting touchdown and on-field dances, pointing to the heavens as if God helped them on that play, taunting the opponent, chest pounding etc.  My guess is that if indeed placed in a war with bullets and bombs and landmines, most of your macho chest-pounders would be quivering in their foxholes.  You promote video games that condone the violence of the game.  Your predecessors have allowed head hunting defensive backs such as such Jack Tatum, who criminally turned Daryl Stingley into a paraplegic.

Why wouldn’t Ben Roethlisberger feel empowered when working in such a workplace that you promote?

Bud Selig, for you to deny knowing about steroids until a few years ago is embarrassing.  The common man in the street was talking about steroids in sports back in the 1980s.

The length of games is excruciating.  Why must nearly every batter have to adjust his batting gloves between each pitch?  Why do you allow obsessive-compulsive players (usually described as superstitious) such as Nomar Garciaparra and Dustin Pedroia and hundreds of others continue playing the game without dealing with their mental hang-ups?  Don’t you consider these mental disorders as a form of sacrificing the integrity of the game?  I certainly do.

Why must you allow players to wear uniform pants that are dragging on the ground?  What on earth are C.C. Sabathia, Prince Fielder, Manny Ramirez etc. trying to accomplish?  If I wanted to view grunge-clothed people, I could walk down the street and view any high school kid sneaking cigarettes on the way home from school. 

Why must you allow all these players to point to the heavens after striking out a batter or getting a base hit or hitting a home run etc.?  I do not want to watch a religious revival meeting every time I watch a baseball game.  If you allow a player to point to the heavens or makes the sign of the cross when he thinks he has accomplished something good, why don’t you also make him point to the heavens or cross himself when he strikes out, or he strikes out a batter.  Unfortunately, this seems to be prevalent among the Latin players and I do not for a minute think is a biased statement or a racist statement.  If a Latin player tells me this is a normal outpouring of his cultural upbringing, I will call him a hypocrite.  If his argument was true, every player and every play in Caribbean World Series played earlier this year would have every player on the field pointing to the heavens after every play.  I watched a great deal of the Caribbean World Series.  I did not see one player point to the heavens or make the sign of the cross.  Not one example.

This creeping religiousness onto the athletic field is disgusting.  If a player wants to pray, why can’t he pray silently without pointing?  Why can’t he pray in the locker room?  Why can’t he pray before he comes to the ballpark?  Why can’t he pray in his car on the way to the ballpark?  Why does he have to pray on the field?  I do not want to watch players praying or adjusting batting gloves.  I want to watch them play baseball.

David Stern, I will never attend a National Basketball Association game.  I attended one game about seven years ago and the noise level of the rock and roll in the arena was so loud I found it disgusting to human dignity.

Again, why all the tattoos?  If a player wants to cover his body with tattoos why don’t you make him cover those tattoos with clothing while I am watching the game?  This is not a black American thing.  This is a corrupted cultural thing among all colors.  You control all the other advertising in your NBA arenas.  Why don’t you control the advertising on your athletes?

In this me-first attitude society we live in, why do you allow players such as LeBron James do his stupid powder throwing before games?  Who does he think he is, Moses coming down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments?  No wonder athletes today feel entitled.

I will say the same thing to you as I did to Roger Goodell.   Why do you allow your players to display disgusting celebratory on-court dances, pointing to the heavens as if God helped them on that play, taunting the opponent, chest pounding etc?

Gary Bettman, you had the perfect opportunity in your lap after the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  You can watch beautiful hockey with no fights, no ridiculous un-necessary boarding, and usually no stick swinging.  What do we have now?  The same old National Hockey League.  You have a sport that demands the most varied of detailed athletic skills known.  Players must be strong and fast and be able to jump and be able to shoot and stand before a piece of frozen rubber coming at them at 100 mph etc.  No other sport demands these skills.  On top of this, your athletes have to do this on ice skates.  Yet we continue to see these horrific body slams into the boards and to the head.  As much as I am rooting for the Chicago Black Hawks to return to the glory of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, Marian Hossa should have been suspended and fined for his check of the Nashville player in the recent playoff game.

The beauty of hockey is to appreciate the skating, stick handling, shooting and shot blocking.  There is no beauty in seeing a player have his body crushed against the boards while in a vulnerable position even though those such as Don Cherry promote this because he did not spend enough time perfecting his skating skills.  Goons ruined Mario Lemieux’s career.  Goonery helped a player such as drug-user Bob Probert hurt people legally.  The European game is so much more beautiful because players are allowed to use their skating skills.  One sees very few unskilled goons.  Every National Hockey League Team has one or more of these goons.  Either reduce the number of players on each team on the ice to five (which includes the goalie) or expand the size of your hockey rinks.  The players are too big now for six-on-six hockey.    

I could go on for hours making suggestions to all of you but what is the point?  You shield yourself from people.  You have corrupted all of the games and I am ashamed of and for all of you.  You have sacrificed your integrity and your souls for the green paper you can put in your wallet.

Despite the pats on the backs you get from your owners, all of you should list “FAILURE” on the first line of you resume. 


Shame on all of you.


George Sarkisian

Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334


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